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Poetry, visual art, photos,
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*** Poetry Contest #11: Tenth Place ***

Poetry by Laura Sbrizzi

Published December 10, 2016
Wax Poetry and Art: "Ketu" by Laura Sbrizzi (Tenth Place)
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a jagged ripple amidst the border
a name scrawled in trigonometry
a sick joke when you think of the odds.

we start at the base with full lungs and no snow
radio muffles a humble forecast and a tentative route
the plan is to
avoid the Bottleneck
avoid the Bottleneck
go north

ascent remains more daunting
than Lhotse, Makalu, and Cho Oyu
but muscle memory is keen
after having grappled the highest peak
after having clung to wobbly probability
and lived.

to wade through sleet and dense fluff
is nothing like wading through water
no ripples
no push or pull
it only eats the hours in slow motion
and forces our limbs to shuffle home

back to a ledge carved from ice
where a tent's pitched
potatoes and carrots served
forcibly gnawed on
you must eat
you must drink.

we peer at our trodden path
like the weaving of a snake side to side
and further up Ketu
the drifts are bare of our markings

the shadowed summit is a crack in the atmosphere
behind which the sun has shied
as if to make the peak loom heavier over us
as if to tell us
none of this is ours to conquer.

Laura Sbrizzi: I am a BFA student attending York University in Toronto,
Ontario as a Visual Arts and Creative Writing double major. I have a few
poems in various anthologies published in Canada. My interests lie in the
arts, feminism, culture, and bookmaking. I am currently working on
publishing an art and poetry zine that features my peers' work. I plan on
finishing my undergraduate studies and moving on to an MA focusing in
contemporary painting, expanding my self-publishing capabilities, and
exploring a career in TESL/TEFL abroad.
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