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Published February 19, 2017
"Atrocious War" by Malek J. Zuraikat (Third Place)
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Atrocious War

by Malek J. Zuraikat

Atrocious war, my nights are sick.
Their groan hasn’t stopped since you’ve come.
They’re saddened by your evil deeds
And the tone of your hellish voice.
You’ve stolen their beautiful life:
Their sleepy stars and rambling moon,
Their shielding, tolerant calmness.

Atrocious war, my nights used to
Create their own alluring dusk,
But you’ve ravished their fruitful wombs.
You’ve embezzled their dreams and hopes.
Because of your mischievous hands,
No lovers long for darkness now—
My nights have become bare vessels.

Atrocious war, who could love you?
I don’t believe that you are made
To please my God, to bring me joy.
So please take your hideous brush
And repulsive colors and leave
My innocent flowers and dreams—
Leave me for my simplicity.  

My name is Malek J. Zuraikat. I'm a professor of medieval English literature
from Jordan. I've graduated from the University of Arkansas 2015, and I'm
interested in Middle English poetry and its historical context, focusing on the
crusades. Criticizing war in favor of peace is the one of the most significant
targets of my creative writings in Arabic, taking into consideration that I
write Arabic poetry. Thus, you will find that my English poetry does also
criticize war in a way. However, I'm a father of four children, and I believe
that this universe is created peaceful and should always be. Therefore, one
of the main tasks of educated people,as I believe, is to defend love and
peace in whatever peaceful way they have, against hatred and war.
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Poetry Contest #11: Third Place
& Top USA Poet

Atrocious War

by Malek J. Zuraikat
(Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA)
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