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Published August 3, 2020


by Yvery Rosemary Anthony
(Accra, Ghana)
Africa Poetry Magazine - "Blue" by Yvery Rosemary Anthony
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Who said the heavens are blue?
Aren’t we all sentimental? With blue issues?
Our black mother sits by the window
From the blues of 8:00am to the darker blues of 10:00pm
She’s waiting for her child, hope
Who left over a decade ago whistling a tune about better days or
     something so?
Yes, I know
We should be expecting a man now
But aren’t we all echoes of our infancy? Just empty shells still echoing it?
Still, I’m sure we’ve lost hope
Maybe to the hungry animals lurking
Dressed as men in suits
Maybe some as ancestral spirits
Possessing third class citizens.
Our black mother is ageing
Shall we bury her without hope?
Her corpse will go on living
Her essence will haunt our poor souls
But our death is already premature
See us in our Christmas getup, like little Cinderellas
But the only dances we did were with our cries
A foot after a tear, a twirl before a sob
Here comes the part where we lose hope
Just that no one brings her back to us in this fairy tale
Walk home one-shoed, if a glass cuts you
You know you’re broken too
Our black mother gave hope a coat of just one colour, blue.
Let me know if you see her; no we have not sold her out in jealousy
We also have coats, they’re all black
Now remember, the colour is blue

My name is Yvery Rosemary Anthony, I am a Ghanaian. I live in Ghana,
Accra. I am currently enrolled in the University OF Ghana as a business
administration student. My Instagram handle is

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