Published December 31, 2020

Featured Local Poet

A Confectionery Post

by Chukwunenye Glory Ngozi
(Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria)
Africa Poetry Magazine - "A Confectionery Post" by Chukwunenye Glory Ngozi
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A Confectionery Post

Sunset finds me dreaming:
Of bites of pleasure, each melting flavor -
My tongue is a store of every taste.

Here, we tell you a story
Of the beauty called flour.
Synonymous to art,
It compounds delights of the buds.
Heat and creativity:
From bland to BOOM

What should we bake?
Should it be bread or cupcake?
Banana muffins, oatmeal or wheat?
What should be in the sizzling oil?
Should it be long stripes or square boxes of batter?

Our customers are waiting,
Demands already rolling in.
And so the decision is final.

For YOU, we do all.

Chukwunenye Glory Ngozi Nigerian and a student of the Federal
University of Technology, Akure. Author of the novel titled,
and the short documentation
the Bryd, she is a budding writer aiming to
impact her peers and more.

She has a blog at

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