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Caricature of War

Because the sun also falls into darkness,
I will write you a note. One you should
Not open in darkness.

Wagons picked up bodies in their full
Caricatures to wars. Like waters, bodies
Consume bodies. In a quest to struggles
For mere air. When the wagon returns,
They are all cracked up, the bodies.
I have heard the innocent cries of infants,
The mockeries of adults and the remorseful
Comments of the aged.
In short,
why are we here, and no one
Have a universal answer.

You will meet yourself on an unending road,
Don’t call it life. Just smile it away as time.

James is a poet & experimental artist exploring the universality of
individual experiences and the individualities of universal experiences
and Yorùbá myths. His works explore the trajectory of existing as one
and in wholes. His constructive works eliminate the separation of the
writer/performer and the audience/reader. He currently experiments
with Contemporary Dance and Digital Literature. He is most times on

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Previously published in
Africa Poetry Magazine:
"Healers of a Crumbling World" by Redeem Kadere.

Published July 6, 2020

Poets of Africa Contest #2 - First Place

Caricature of War

by James Not'in
(Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria)
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