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Published December 31, 2017

Winner: The Monthly Lighthearted Contest #1

The Pigeons of Florence

by Doug D'Elia
(Orlando, Florida, USA)

The Pigeons of Florence

by Doug D'Elia

I swore I wouldn’t photograph another pigeon
but it‘s a task more difficult than imagined.
Because Florence is the home of the Renaissance,
and every plaza is enhanced with an abundance of marble statues,
which as everyone knows are the pigeons preferred perch.
There are so many pigeons I can’t help but wonder
how many of these birds are descendants
of those who looked on as Michelangelo began work
on his epic David in the courtyard of the Piazza del Duomo?

Which reminded me of a story that Dad told me,
how during WWII he worked at
Westover Airfield in Chicopee building
a runway for aircraft to land and take-off.
And how everyday airplanes would fly over
the runway and the pilots would tilt their wings
in appreciation of the work crew.

And I wonder if Michelangelo had a family
of pigeons flying over his head titling their wings
in appreciation, and how many times did
he pause to wipe his brow, shield his eyes
from the sun to catch a glimpse of them,
and at the end of the day did he leave them crumbs
of bread leftover from his lunch so they would remain
patient with him as he labored to make David’s
shoulders as broad as possible.

Doug D'Elia is a native of Massachusetts. He graduated from the University
of Central Florida, and served as a medic during the Vietnam War. His
poetry appears in over 50 journals, and three collections of his work are
available from Amazon. He is active on Facebook, Instagram, and has his
own web site at
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