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Published February 21, 2018

Third Place: Angela Poetry Contest #1

Ode to Andrew Brechin

by Colleen Anderson
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Ode to Andrew Brechin

by Colleen Anderson

What do you see as you journey to the stars?
Is there a Time Lord doing wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff
so you shoot through to that new dimension
where you encounter Cthulhu, you know the one
with plush green tentacles and a love of bacon
spewing out glitter bombs full of revelry

Yes, know as we gaze at the stars that reign over the cosmos
and rain down to shower us with your mirth
your great cosmic belly laugh shakes space awake
as you dance and two-step over planets in your path.

Oh madcap man and costumed clown
do you look upon us and smile, already in on the joke
You haven’t gone far but have fallen into the universe’s arms
because she knows, he knows there is no greater gentle god
no better agent of joy who has showered us with love

But you’re not done, not yet by far. The men in black can’t compare
stand stupefied at what you are, those diabolical plans
you formulate, silly things, wacky things
deeply spiritual and loving things
that buoy you up and up, aloft so that you know the great plan
Sacred Jester, what do you witness as you send pictures on end
of galactic wastebins, porcelain toilets, and a crapload of potty humour

You have left your flesh behing
now travel to convey your gift to alien worlds
sail between the realms of love and joy
You leave us bounty and zany thoughts that shall never end
that grow like a bellyache after Penny’s greasy Breklormas
We remember the caring you shared, the feelings you gifted
the Andrew you are will never dim
until the heavens leave and stars are quenched

So tell us as you use percussion, the drumbeat, the heartbeat
the pulse of the universe, loving you in its turn
choosing you to walk forever the lantern paths of cosmic glory

What have you seen on your journey to the stars?

My poetry has been twice nominated for the Aurora Award, nominated for
the Rhysling and won second place in the Crucible and Rannu competitions.
I am currently editing the
Alice Unbound anthology due out in 2018. Some
new and forthcoming poems are in
Eternal Haunted Summer, Polar Borealis,
Eye to the Telescope,
and the HWA Poetry Showcase. My poetry collection
Ancient Tales, Grand Deaths and Past Lives is available through Kelp
Queen Press.
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