Angela Poetry Magazine: "Song About Frank" by Lizzy Li
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Song About Frank

If one day
I write a song about Frank
With tears and laughter
With sweat and blood
I would roll it up
With tobacco inside
Light it up
And inhale
So hard that my lung hurts
My throat tickles
And my chest shakes
So to mimic
How one addiction
Turns into a fatal disease
How the fire of my loin
Is only lit to be quenched
If one night
Frank lights a cigarette
And looks outside
By chance
He may hear my song
Dangling like the last leaf of fall
Whispering like a dying patient
And if he does not turn around
But stays for one more note
He might finally know
How I love him so

Lizzy Li: A Chinese girl who majors in English literature and writes
poems from time to time.

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Previously published in Angela Poetry Magazine:
"Hated Terminology" by Yolanda Barton.

Published December 9, 2019

First Place: The Lighthearted Poetry Contest #1

Song About Frank

by Lizzy Li
(Beijing, China)
Angela Poetry Magazine - - Background image shows an autumn leaf with a heart-shaped hole.
Angela Poetry Magazine - - Background image shows an autumn leaf with a heart-shaped hole.
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