Published October 12, 2020

First Place – Lighthearted Poetry Contest #3


by Morgan Driscoll
(Wilton, Connecticut, USA)
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In 18f
I’ve dropped my phone
beneath my seat
beyond the reach
of twisted feet or fingers.
My seat mate, nudged
by hips and elbows flinches
and attempts to stay polite
while forced,
to face the undersides of me. My wrist
now wrenched between
the window and the life vest
shifts and shoves
and cantilevers nothing
but a diaper bag
belonging to the infant,
now awake from the commotion,
of the passenger In 18f.
The flight is hours
from Atlanta,
laptop’s drained,
my tablet stowed
above a seat
in a compartment
sixteen passengers away.
I push my flaccid arm
once more along
the futile route that’s been
previously explored,
as if repeating
ineffective action might-
diminish the anxiety
of facing any thoughts that might,
originate with me.

Morgan Driscoll is a long-time commercial artist, looking to express
himself in some other way than selling Widgets. Poetry is the least
commercial, and most under the radar way he could think of. He lives
in Connecticut and has been published occasionally and obscurely.

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