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A Letter to My Teacher

Dear Mrs. Markovich,
With all the homework you’re assigning
My morale is declining.
You made me buy 300 lemons
To split upon my closest friends and-
All for 75 cents apiece!
You made me read an ugly book
Full of hokey gobbledygook.
You made me go down to the river
And count all the fish that came hither,
Even as the wind made me shiver!
Markovich, why must you torture me?
All for a meaningless degree.
Consider this my two weeks notice
For I’m quitting all your hocus pocus.
Your (Now) Former Student

Alana Goldman is a rising high school senior in North Carolina. When
not at school she’s working or volunteering for activism groups. The
rare spare time she’s able to scrounge up is dedicated to writing
whatever’s on her mind. She can be found on Instagram

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Previously published in
Angela Poetry Magazine:
"Halloween Tales" by Sunita Sahu.

Published July 13, 2020

The Lighthearted Poetry Contest #2 - First Place

A Letter to My Teacher

by Alana Goldman
(Cary, North Carolina, USA)
Outside USA & Canada
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Angela Poetry Magazine - "A Letter to My Teacher" by Alana Goldman
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