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Artist Copies
Purchase one or more copies of your published work at a reduced cost. Prices on this page are
discounted by 15% off current prices -- the amount of your royalty. As such, you do not receive
royalties for purchases made on this page.

-You will not receive royalties for this purchase.
-You are paying the price of the item, less your royalty.
-Price includes shipping to all possible locations on Earth.

Gift Copies
We can mail out gift copies for you. Just provide the mailing address of the recipient when you
make your purchase.

Determine Your Category
-If one of your poems or flash fiction is published, select "1 poem or flash fiction".
-If two of your poems are published, select "2 poems".
-If three of your poems are published, select "3+ Poems".
-If one of your black & white photos is published, select "1 Black & White Photo

1 Poem or 1 Flash Fiction - 2.95 GBP.

2 Poems - 3.85 GBP.

3+ Poems - 4.70 GBP.

1 Black & White Photo
Print (5" x 7") - 5.95 GBP.
Pay by Cheque
Send a cheque in the appropriate amount to the address shown below. To send Addressed
copies to multiple recipients, send a check in the corresponding multiple amount. Canadian
residents, add 5% GST.

Send your cheque to:

Wax Poetry and Art
Attn: Purchase
512, 919 Centre Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2E 2P6

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Bulk Orders
--Buy Artist Copies in quantities of 5 or 10.
--Every copy comes in a specialty envelope, perfect to mail out as gifts or to sell. Just add
postage and addresses.
--Bulk orders can only be shipped to you.

Confirm your address in the Instructions to Seller portion when making your PayPal purchase.
Or, send your address
via email to info@waxpoetryart.com. To pay by cheque, see instructions

***You will not receive royalties for this purchase.***

1 Poem or 1 Flash Fiction
5 copies is 10.50 GBP
10 copies 1

2 Poems
5 copies is 14 GBP
10 copies is 24
.50 GBP

3+ poems
5 copies is 17 GBP
10 copies is 30

5" x 7" Black & White Photo Print
5 copies is 21.50 GBP
10 copies is 3
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Select number of copies
Select number of copies
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