Published December 31, 2020

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Flipped Fate

by Lorwin Marie S. Baculanta
(Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines)
Axil Poetry and Art - "Flipped Fate" by Lorwin Marie S. Baculanta
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Flipped Fate

By flipping the coin, you can win or lose
You'll survive in a fifty-fifty chance
Otherwise, you'll die so don't miss a glance
Outcome of the game; you don't get to choose

A game that is so random; luck is used
"How luck can be used?" people often asked
There are only two options: Fail or Pass
You either succeed or fail so be sure

Do you surrender to let others win?
Or do you choose to flip the coin of fate
Is flipping the coin considered a sin?
Clear that indecision, it's not too late

You can either survive or hurt your kin
Decide now so there can be a checkmate

Lorwin Marie S. Baculanta is studying to be a Doctor of Veterinary
Medicine, in her second year. Find Lorwin on Facebook at:

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Previously published in
Axil Poetry and Art:
"Speranza" by Luca Venturi.
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