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Welcome to Axil Poetry and Art #1 - The creativity and thought of young

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Axil Poetry and Art
"The creativity and thought of young people."
ISSN Coming Soon. Tentative frequency: Quarterly.
Volume 1, No. 1. November 2014.
Published in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Publisher and Managing Editor: Kirk Ramdath.
Main Fiction Editor: Alyson Fortowsky.
Additional editing by Angela Boyce.
Website by: Kirk Ramdath.
Mailing address:
Axil Poetry and Art
512 - 919 Centre Street NW
Calgary, AB, Canada T2E 2P6.
Cover image: Photo by Raquel Marie.
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Submissions are open to all persons 24 years of age and under, from
any place on Earth.

Contributors (alphabetical)

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Sunny Choi
Frances Koziar
Raquel Marie
Karli McGarry
Mikaela Radford
Kelsey Sclanders
Julia Shaw


Sunny Choi
Currently enrolled in my second year at the University of Alberta, I am
pursuing my dreams of becoming a writer, a poet, a teacher, an artist,
and whatever else happens to interest me along the way. From a very
conservative and strict Korean household, and having attended Old
Scona Academic Highschool, I am bravely—like a frog leaving her
pond—stepping out of the social norms and expectations set for me by
my peers and family. What makes me happy is creating, through words
or pictures or song, and the ability to create my own happiness and
pursue it.

Frances Koziar
I am a beginning master’s student in archaeology at McGill. I usually
write fantasy novels: I am currently working on my third.

Raquel Marie
My passion is for the arts including photography, painting, drawings,
music, jewelry making and literature. My future dreams are to become a
full time artist in all of these areas.

Karli McGarry
My ambition is psychology, but my passion is poetry. I spend my free
time casually writing, and learning how to improve my work.  I’ve had
two previous publications, and am currently working to spread my
poetry even further, and hopefully make an impact on someone with
my work.

Mikaela Radford
Born in Montreal in 1993, Mikaela Radford lived in London, England, for
three years before moving to Calgary. While in London she had the
opportunity to write for the London Times as well as participate in many
poetry workshops. Most recently she was the 2013 recipient of the
William and Ellen Clow Prize in geology, and won a gold certificate for
speech in the Robert Burns Class of the 2014 Calgary Kiwanis Festival.
She is currently completing a B.Sc. Archaeology with a Geology minor
at the University of Calgary where she also plays violin for the university
orchestra. Mikaela enjoys being in the great outdoors and hopes that
archaeology will take her on adventures all around the world.

Kelsey Sclanders
I am a Mount Royal university student from Calgary, Alberta, and I have
been writing poetry since I was 13. My passion for poetry started when I
read my first poem by Edgar Allan Poe, "The Raven." To this day he is
my inspiration and my idol.

Julia Shaw
Julia Shaw graduated in June 2014 from the University of Calgary -
English major, and a double minor in Indigenous Studies, and
Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. Julia is the former
host of the Aboriginal Writer’s Circle, founded by Sarah Scout, in
Calgary. In her creative pursuits, she strives to make the ordinary
extraordinary. Julia has written two novels as part of National Novel
Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November 2012 and 2013, and plans to
work on her third for 2014. She has had articles and some of her
creative writing published both online and in print. More of her work can
be viewed on Wordpress, Wattpad, and YouTube.

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