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"Relax, Man" by Sam Dyck


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Published August 31, 2021

Relax, Man

by Sam Dyck
(Delta, British Columbia, Canada)

I have a dull headache;
I'm pissed, sad,
I'm frustrated. I want out.
I want to be normal but want to stand out, the cliche stings, I want to be kind but I want to be feared

My stoic lip battles the feelings of dam bursting tears,

You're alone. You always have been. Make friends with the television, the man behind the song, the radio host and guest are company kept.
Leave your friends alone. They have theirs, issues and idiocies, they should love from afar. You're too much.
You're always Alone.

If someone comes in, a distraction of pleasantries; shared laughs and surface knowledge untill the stay is gone too long; the stench becomes noticeablle; the kitchen isn't always this clean, the drains leak, the floors creak, the laundry doesn't work and my music is loud.
I don't even know it's on.

It's not even the noise, it's the whole composition.

I want to shave but I like my face hidden, I have bad skin right now. But your beard is patchy, they can see right through it,

I want a hug and a kiss, someone close,
Your pits are stained, stink with stress, coffee breathe turn your mouth down

I want to cough.

But a sneeze would be better;
You need a blessing.
If it was a good day, remind me why.
The bad days in comfort weighted blanket keeping you cold. Fake a smile, tell a quip, do your work
try to sleep. Try not to repeat.

closed eyelids soft.

Sam Dyck is a young writer from Delta, BC.

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