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Axil Poetry and Art – Visual Art and Photography Submissions

Axil Poetry and Art accepts visual art and photography submissions from persons under 25 years of age, from everywhere on Earth. Read the guidelines on this page to submit. Please prepare your submission carefully.

Axil Poetry and Art is part of the Wax Poetry and Art Network. Visit the main Wax Poetry and Art Submissions page to view all opportunities.

Axil Poetry and Art is published, edited, and designed in Canada by Kirk Ramdath.

You must agree with the terms on this page to make a visual art or photography submission to Axil Poetry and Art. Your submission will be considered proof of your agreement and as such, no additional contract will be required for publication to proceed.

You must include the following statement with your submission:
"I confirm that I am under 25 years of age and I agree with the submission guidelines for visual art and photography submissions to Axil Poetry and Art."

Submissions are open to all persons under 25, everywhere on Earth.

Submissions are open all year.

Submissions are welcome from artists operating in all visual art genres including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, digital, mixed, and any other new and old media.

The work submitted must be wholly original to the person submitting the work.

The work submitted must be previously unpublished in print or online by a third party such as another magazine. Work viewable on private forums (such as a private Facebook post) or displayed in the personal or professional online galleries of the artist is not considered as published.

Send 3 high quality images in JPEG format to the email address, If the file sizes are too large, send the images in multiple emails.

Do not place a watermark on your images.

In the body of the email, provide caption information. For visual art, provide the titles, medium used, and dimensions of the original artwork. For photography, provide the titles and the location where each photo was taken.

Provide a short biography of 75 words length, maximum. Also list your social media artist pages. You may also provide an additional Artist Statement of 75 words, maximum.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Please withdraw your submission immediately if your image(s) will be published somewhere else first. Please note, an image may not be simultaneously submitted to more than one Wax Poetry and Art submission stream.

Submissions will be divided into three submission periods, each four months long.

Submission Period Dates
Submission Period 1: January 1st to April 30th
Submission Period 2: May 1st to August 31st
Submission Period 3: September 1st to December 31st

You can make a visual art or photography submission to Axil Poetry and Art only once per submission period. Artists will receive notice of acceptance or rejection within two months following the end of each submission period.

Dates for Notice of Acceptance or Rejection
Submission Period 1: Receive notice by June 30th
Submission Period 2: Receive notice by October 31st
Submission Period 3: Receive notice by February 28th

Accepted submissions will be published online in Axil Poetry and Art. One accepted image will be featured on the Axil Poetry and Art Published page. Accepted images may also be chosen for use as a cover image. The image featured on the Published page may also be selected to appear in Poetry World, an online collection of new poems in the Wax Poetry and Art Network. Read all issues of Poetry World in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

Publication Schedule
Submission Period 1: Published on September 1st
Submission Period 2: Published on January 1st
Submission Period 3: Published on May 1st

Copyright of the original image(s) remains with the original artist.

Upon acceptance, the artist grants the publisher, Kirk Ramdath, the right to the first publication of the image(s), as well as the right to republish the image(s) in Axil Poetry and Art & Wax Poetry and Art anthologies and collections, online and in print, without additional permission required.

Axil Poetry and Art is free to read so that the artists it publishes can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. As an independent publication that operates without affiliation to any institution or funding agency, there is no initial payment for publication. If in the future, published work is collected into a printed anthology, the artist royalty is 20%. If included in a collection with other artists, the 20% royalty is shared equally among all artists, based on the number of pieces contributed. If the image is ever made available for sale in a digital anthology, a 50% royalty will be given. Royalties are paid out annually in January if a minimum of $10 CAD is accrued.

The artist also grants the publisher the right to publish the work on third party platforms such as Facebook, specifically for the purpose of sharing the work and the artist with more people.

Submission Checklist
Submissions must include the following to be complete:
- Agreement statement: "I confirm that I am under 25 years of age and I agree with the submission guidelines for visual art and photography submissions to Axil Poetry and Art."
- 3 JPEG images of submitted visual art or photography.
- Caption information as appropriate.
- Biography, maximum 75 words. An Artist Statement may also be included, maximum 75 words.
- Your complete postal mailing address or address of residence, including street address, city, province / state, country, and postal code.

For the subject header of your submission email, use the following:
"Axil Poetry and Art visual submission".

Send your submission by email to

Save a copy of these guidelines for your records, or copy and paste them at the end of your submission.

About the Editor
Kirk Ramdath is the publisher, editor, and designer of Wax Poetry and Art, Axil Poetry and Art, and other publications. He has been a publisher since 2005, originally in Calgary, Canada. Kirk now lives in Nanaimo, Canada. He is also a published poet.

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Axil Poetry and Art is part of the Wax Poetry and Art Network.
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