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title image: summer abney
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Published March 29, 2016

Poetry by Summer Abney

Brainload's Bloodstain

Brainload's Bloodstain

Dense space dark corners plant life slanted ceilings
Presence makes itself known
Thin curtains light wind mind blown
It takes time and courage to go it alone

Hardwire thin skin uptight panic attack
Frontline silent mind with days grinding back
Almost all of the objects have been objectified
But for the useful tools
The implements

The poverty of soul when a gentle hand frightens
When tenderness turns away
A soul hiding in a stark and cluttered space
Shattering the Monumental Self Structure
And looking over remnants with a giant magnifying glass

Out of proportion, a preoccupation
With the triggered responses
Under a fragmented structure laid to waste
Even under magnification

His bitterest thorn was the one he used
Folded into her side with his hands
And left the taste of it in her mind
A brainload of bloodstain no washing can remove

Maze uncurls in a haze of
could be's and have not's
A new found emptiness fills the void for practical reasons
The pounding of a heart shaped fist
Against circumstances too hard to resist

Summer Abney engaged in the passion of writing poetry at the tender age
of 10, after reading an amazing poem in English studies. After 7 years of
dogged determination, she finally wrote an actual poem. Once that poem
had been written, there was no turning back. Summer has self published a
number of times, and has been published in multiple chapbooks and small
press zines. A well respected wordsmith amongst her peers, she has been
invited to read her poetry at many literary events, and to host a number of
poetry gatherings. As a singer songwriter, her work is often lyrical, and
riddled with metaphor. She speaks truly innovative, and critical thoughts,
that translate seamlessly into fascinating and engaging imagery. "I love
poetry; it seems the best, and perhaps only, way to express honest
emotion using the English language."
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