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Published November 25, 2018

Three Poems by Alexander Buchanan
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Dim Sum Mountain
Sad Sack
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Calgary Poetry Magazine.


by Alexander Buchanan

Like my name is Lewellen
I show up at eleven
With a Lulu tote full of PBR
She's practicing Obo on Sunny Park Ave
Or something
Ordered Malai Kofta
Like, forever ago
Remember your old boyfriend?
He wore vests over t-shirts
Wrote a sonnet
An overpass pop ballad
There was so much below his belt
I caption a photo of you
"Blowing your ashes over the jungle mural"
And also, Insta-stories
Of tricked-out CITI bikes
Socks that looked like bread rolls
All tongue at Versailles
Deep throat rose stems
Breaking their wrists
Playing mercy
Instead of
Extragalactic microlensing

Dim Sum Mountain

by Alexander Buchanan

Digital suppression
Your hair between silver-lining

It's soon
Slander my choice to

Pick up way too much Taco Bell
Your expectation was shoulder straps

Would swim in blue light
Outside strip-mall deep-dish stops

Blazed and stealing an Elle
Fold the paper into pocket sized

Collage art, surf rock, piss your pants

Greek seaside make-out octonary
Competition in blues and whites

I love the way you hold a home-phone
Weren't you addicted to painkillers?

Dress like me
Hiroshi Yoshimura undresses me

We order dim sum

Sad Sack

by Alexander Buchanan

Carried on the conversation with teenaged me
Down the hall in
The black hoodie
Quick thought of dinosaurs running on two feet
Cumming / And Audrey Hepburn on a fire escape
Violet moon wanes and cracks
Open my cage
Drifter thoughts
Deranged and unorganized minutia
End up here in this  
Word file
Always Knox church
In orange spring
I want to learn to paint

Alexander Buchanan is a poet and space enthusiast living in Calgary,
Alberta, Canada. His work has been featured in
Little River Literary
, Ghost City Review, and zine projects.
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