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Published November 25, 2018


by J. S. MacLean
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
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by J. S. MacLean

Smudgy mold assimilates
the words and images
in an encyclopedia set
stored in a basement box.

The universe binding
is gnawed by bipeds
with fangs of physics
craving acceleration.

Language is hidden to fungi
shadowing directions of ink.

As volume infinitely inflates
we slowly savor each word.

J.S. MacLean lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has had about 130
poems published in journals and magazines in Canada, USA, UK, France,
Israel, India, Thailand, and Australia. In 2007 he won (1st Prize) in THIS
Magazine’s Great Canadian Literary Hunt in Poetry. He has also two
collections; Molasses Smothered Lemon Slices and Infinite Oarsmen for
one.  He strives for the lyrical and hopes for the accidental.
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