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Calgary Poetry Contest #2
Reigning Champion

"Rowing Across the North Atlantic"
by Barbara E. Hunt
(Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)
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Published April 27, 2019

First Place: Calgary Poetry Contest #2

Poetry by Barbara E. Hunt
(Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)

Rowing Across the North Atlantic
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Rowing Across the North Atlantic

Perhaps not all are as confident
as Carlson, six hundred miles
into his high-sea adventure.

I wonder, couldn’t we then learn
about push-off and Isle of Scilly
landings? About fear like half-built

hurricanes and mystics of plankton
phosphorescence with each stroke
in the night. How faith could be

a six-meter hull that rights
on capsizing and what breaks
too often must be managed without.

And shouldn’t all our journeys
be reckoned as though the only
five minutes mattering are the next

five? For we’ll not all dredge
oars a briny three thousand miles
nor smash records by paddling

thirty-eight days, yet aren’t
we each solo on some vast, dark
ocean? All seeking safe harbour

in the day’s quick-dying light?

Barbara E. Hunt applies her poet’s heart to many genres (along with a
decade overseeing a writers’ conference in Ontario, Canada, ending
2016). She has e-zines, journals, anthologies and magazines across
North America, the U.K., Europe and Australia to her credit; current
writings (free) on WATTPAD and enjoys kudos for her second release,
a poetry/colouring book called Devotions (Dec 2017).

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