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Published April 27, 2019

Top Calgary Poet: Calgary Poetry Contest #2

Poetry by Pamela Medland
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Phases of the Moon
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Phases of the Moon

Some say the moon laughs
but I see only a closed mouth,
a round ‘O’ of surprise
blinking in the headlights.

I slipped off the moon.
You failed to catch me
so I fell straight
through to the other
side of the earth
where the moon
serves tea to the mourning.

The moon bleeds light
into the dark gap
between us,
closing the distance till
all that is left is a shell,
dark on the outside
but glowing with secrets
on the smooth side of nothing.

I flipped the moon and it
came up tails,
its face forever turned
to the earth in quiet

Artemis wore a halo of moon
so that women, birthing,
were dazzled by her pale beauty,
forgot their pain
pulled by the tides of her suasion,
while she and her gold-horned deer
galloped swifter than Apollo
through the starry night.

Pamela Medland has lived in Calgary since 2013. When not writing poetry,
she works as the Director of the Airdrie Public Library. Pam's poems can
be read online and in print in Canada and the U.S.
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"Phases of the Moon"
by Pamela Medland
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