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Published August 3, 2020

Pine, Prettier than Geranium

by Banafsheh M. Nasab
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Calgary Poetry Magazine - "Pine, Prettier than Geranium" by Banafsheh M. Nasab
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Pine, Prettier than Geranium

I was always wondering,
Why people praise Geranium?
Or poets describe its beauty evermore?

Why not Pine?
Sturdy renitent pine
Companion in cold and hot,
Christ’s birthday star,

Why not pine?
Isn’t it great enough?
Squirrels canopy and crows shelter
Rabbits nook and starlings temple

Who knows beauteous definition?
Pleasant eye-catching but useless?
Or reliable staddle and stable?
Immovable mountain against difficulties,
Not broken by sadness and dysphoria

It might be hard to believe though,
A fellow either a companion
And mate, facing hardship

Yes, not easy to say,
Who’s the unexpected bearing?
The one you could rely on,
Without being afraid to be left alone,
Or tracing uncertainty on his eyes,
And loneliness, and loneliness,

I dare to say that, pine is amazing,
An unrepeatable legend,
Which is prettier than Geranium.

Banafsheh M. Nasab: I was born in Iran, moved to Canada not many
years ago. I was always interested in writing since was very young,
although my job was in the Finance area. After I came to Canada, I
started to write a weblog first, then I realized that I'm feeling amazing
whenever I write something, so started to write pieces and poetry in
both Farsi and English, which some of them have already published in
Iranian magazines and our community banner. I am also writing a book,
a memoir, in Farsi with having a plan to translate and publish it in
English as well.

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