Published December 31, 2020

Featured Local Poet

from a sickbed

by James Thurgood
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Calgary Poetry Magazine - "from a sickbed" by James Thurgood
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from a sickbed

between giddy sleeps
I read poems
(which may not speed recovery)

I am alone
which is okay
I’m not that sick –
just enough to question everything
and lose all patience
with answers

except certain poems
- these by Alden Nowlan     
in my fist like stones
I could hurl
through plate glass

or just hold

James Thurgood was born in Nova Scotia, grew up in Windsor,
Ontario, and now lives in Calgary.  He has been a labourer, musician,
and teacher – not necessarily in that order. His poems have appeared
in various journals, anthologies, and in a collection,
(Penumbra Press).  He is also the author of
His Own Misfortune,
a work-in-progress. (
James A. Thurgood's Word Salad)

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