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Published April 14, 2019

Poetry by Kapilan Pachendrabose
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

The Novel Calgaryian
A New Cowboy in Cowtown
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The Novel Calgarian

Who are the inhabitants of Calgary?
Those that empathize with energy and pipelines;
Those that embody the Flames and Stampeders whenever they can;
Those who don the cowboy hats, the boots, and embody the rodeo way
    of life;
Or perhaps it’s those who show their ‘Alberta Strong’ nature during
    durations of distress.

Little did a new occupant of Calgary know…
What about the nimble waitress who not only walks and runs for fun
but advocates for sustainable practices;
What about the Canadian Forces officer who has the bravery or rather the
to wear an Oilers hat when gardening;
What about the student who took rodeo classes in high school,
yet switched to become an  engineer;
One should also acknowledge the everyday residents that make Calgary
and the real factor why Calgary is the finest;
These are the inhabitants of Calgary.

A New Cowboy in Cowtown

Poor to grandeur, Calgary is to adore
It was midsummer, I an elated newcomer, embarked an enduring exodus
    to Stampede City
My expectations were amiss, ahead of me were galleries of Gatsby-esque
    skylines and hills as if painted by Lorenzetti

With heightened senses, perhaps due to heightened elevation,
creeping wanderlust was brought about
A mouse in a maze, which route should I scout?

The tower that bears the city’s name, sights served as a snack satiating
A panoramic vista highlighting places of notable fame
Instagram! Where should I stand and how should I aim?

Promenading downtown, I find myself lost…lest an adrift wanderer in
But time is not a cost since frankly a novel cue to hear or view is still
    within my reach
Just as a hummingbird has a need to constantly feed while buzzing, my
    stomach gives off a slight screech

Although my mind has been filled, my stomach has not
Luckily for me, authentic, ethnic menus await to be savoured
Likely, a challenge it will be to decide which dish I favoured

It’s been only a few hours roaming in the city I now call home
A new sapling inlaying roots to acquire nourishment while outpouring
    energy and air
Time to throw on a cowboy hat and fitting footwear!

Kapilan Panchendrabose is an intrepid adventurer who currently resides in
Calgary. He has been living in Calgary for a couple months at the time of
completing these poems. He hopes to explore, view, hear, taste and feel
all of what Calgary has to offer. Kapilan is excited to be known as a
Calgarian and hopes he can give back to the community.
Poems About Calgary: Poetry by Kapilan Pachendrabose
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