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Published August 31, 2021

mindless classics

by Kiefer Jackson
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

grew wings, dragon scales, and chain Mail that he was gifted for war by the highest ranks of the imperial folklore protecting his frail bones
komodo breath drawing energy from inside the sun
to burn a reflection back into the eyes that try to escape the mind and what i've become
within the flame of the reincarnation
heard the waves with ocean ears like snail phones
purge the dirt from the collection of star dust,
staining the moon in the sky with the light that grew like new halos and new horns testing their new forms
the reality taken for granted everything we had till it's gone
...calling for a new world to emerge
grew teeth to chew his vitamin gem
for the hell on his planet supplementing his sickness for thoughts that they'd listen to,
he was sworn to the conception not to reflect
cause he was so bright he blinds 1000 solar systems with darkness of objective truths
his heart sworn to protect the balance of value and love
so he bites through the crust
light bouncing of the spite of an overwhelming rush
sensitive yet it takes a mind of rhino skin to deal with it all

My name is Kiefer Jackson. I've been writing poetry for a long time, and I'm originally from Vancouver.

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