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That Which Belongs to You

When did our muscles become decoration--
meek under films of loose-leaf skin
printed for sale against that broken television set
he left to parallel the edge of our driveway;
where we used to swim in the divot
by the absence of concrete?

How they hung above my fireplace
legs and arms
against the nothing paint
finger tendons tickling
that European coverlet
only found on this very floor! One of a kind!
Purchased with care so we will have the space
to rest our irreplaceable feet

Give me back those muscle memories.
my shoulders
unhinged from the mantle piece
and locked to the stability of my frame.
Skeletal tissues tighten
years of weight beneath me;
I am
this body that I love
and will not let go of

My name is Sophia Campion I am 19 years old and currently am a first
year at University of California Santa Barbara. I'm majoring in writing
and literature and hope to publish a book one day. I have a love for
music and singing, and have been writing poetry all my life.

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Previously published in
California Poetry Magazine:
This is the first poem published in this magazine.

Published July 6, 2020

Poets of California Contest #1 - First Place

That Which Belongs to You

by Sophia Campion
(Oakland, California, USA)
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