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Published August 10, 2020

Somewhere Warm

by John C. Krieg
(Anza, California, USA)
California Poetry Magazine - "Somewhere Warm" by John C. Krieg
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Somewhere Warm

The Santa Ana winds blew fiercely this morning
I didn’t want to leave my house
To walk the dogs
To go across the courtyard for a cup of coffee

Finally, I trudged over to Nancy’s house
To help get the grandkids off to school
To wash a sink full of dishes
To simply feel useful and wanted

As usual, she said,
“Let’s move to somewhere warm.”
Oh yeah…wouldn’t that be nice
As if we could actually afford it

The fact is, this place is usually warm
Blistering hot, in fact, during the summers
Comfortable during the spring and fall months
We have it better than most other people

The wind driven cold makes my fingers brittle
Makes my nose run and my ears burn
My sunglasses keep the sand from scratching my eyes
As I walk the dogs and feed the chickens

Then I go back into Nancy’s house
To warm my hands against my second cup of coffee
To discuss how we’ll put off the bills
And talk about moving to somewhere warm

John C. Krieg is a retired landscape architect and land planner who
formerly practiced in Arizona, California, and Nevada. He is also
retired as an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified
arborist and currently holds seven active categories of California
state contracting licenses, including the highest category of Class A
General Engineering. He has written a college textbook entitled
Desert Landscape Architecture (1999, CRC Press). John has had
pieces published in
A Gathering of the Tribes, Alternating Current,
Blue Mountain Review, Clark Street Review, Conceit, Homestead
, and many other publications.  

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