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woke by a cool wind, blowing
she curls her branches beneath the soil, while
concrete beats them back
into a cage she cries, holding
memories from where she was born
humans rush around, not
one stops to smell her leaves, to touch
her bark, only
to move so quick she can’t tell time
(her forest was a turtle’s shell)
giving up, she rests

one day something touches, small
grubby fingers into bark, she feels
it, missed connection
stems take root to explore, finding
tiny cracks in pavement
pulling light
so yellow deep, new growth reaches

she moves towards it,
pulling, growing, pulling, growing,
a tonne of water courses through, one root
finds another

Melanie Friedmanis a Canadian poet, performance artist and medical
student. Her works revolves around cultivating resilience through
embodiment practices.

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Previously published in
Canada Poetry Magazine:
"Cleft" by J. Y. T. Kennedy.

Published May 4, 2020

Poets of Canada Contest #1 - First Place


by Melanie Friedman
(Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
Outside Canada & USA
$10 USD
$10 CAD
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