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Published August 10, 2020

Crossing Lines

by Raman Mander
(Langley, British Columbia, Canada)
Canada Poetry Magazine - "Crossing Lines" by Raman Mander
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Crossing Lines

my grandmother got married, she was 16
my mother had her wedding vows at 19
and here I stand, 26 years of age, and unmarried

some say the 2 from my 20s should represent
the children I should be currently raising
some say that my vows were due 6 years ago

some say that I am a little late, a little reckless
that the ticking time bomb is ready to release
and I will be statistic to an unmarried women

they say, I should make sure all my organs are functioning
what they really mean is have a baby
to make sure I can conceive
to know that there is nothing wrong inside me

I say, at 16 I was in school, unlike my grandmother
I was more worried about what to wear
in front of my friends
rather than a husband
and his family, unlike my mother

at 18 I graduated high school
and well into my first year of university
working and studying to finish my degree

the day I walked across that stage was more than just for me
some say I crossed a line that I should not have
I crossed that line, for my mother and grandmother
and I will continue to cross that line for my sisters around the world

Meet Raman Mander: A spoken word poet, author, and registered
nurse in labour and delivery. She published her book,
Little Hugs:
Encouragement for the Soul
. Raman co-hosts a podcast called,
Real, Real Quick, and hosts Poetry Nights in the Fraser Valley,
which is an open mic for anyone to express themselves. Her goal
is to use self love to love others. Her poetry includes self-love,
hardship, gender inequality, and wordly discussions.

Raman Mander
Instagram: @littlehugsfromRaman

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