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Published September 14, 2020

First Place - Poets of Canada Contest #2

Silver Springs

by Rachel Nirenberg
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Canada Poetry Magazine - "Silver Springs" by Rachel Nirenberg
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Silver Springs

You’re only twenty-eight, you don’t know anything
Blaming it on your ignorance like you‘re incapable of empathy
But baby, you were only ever as cruel as you chose to be
And I’m sure your buddies all told you that you should blame me
But I think we both know your cruelty was coercion free
So in the end, what was there for me to do but leave?

Walking alone I found a pub where everyone was drinking self-pity
Had a pint of heartbreak and it only cost me six months and three fifty
And all I could hear was a broken woman pounding on broken keys,
Singing about how haunting him was the only thing that made the pain cease
And she said if I haunted you for what you did I wouldn’t have to know grief

So I headed to the silver spring and waited by the cherry tree,
And out of sight I could hear sirens singing sweet songs of enmity
The sky was starless that night, so they left blue green lights to lead me
But Faustian bargains foisted on women scorned was all it turned out to be
And a lotus eater reborn was the only thing that rage made me

So I left like you taught me to do so skillfully,
Slinking my way back through trees,
Listening to sirens sweetly sing their familiar songs of deceit
A life that promised peace but was just ceaseless misery
So if you get away from the sound of the woman that loved you,
Then that’s alright with me
Because me haunting you for what you did
Just means I can never really leave.

Rachel Nirenberg: I am currently studying history at McGill, but I'm
originally from Toronto. Right now my hobbies are trying to learn bass
(I'm still pretty terrible) and trying to recreate movie theatre popcorn
(also not going so well).

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