Published September 28, 2020

First Place – Poets of the Caribbean Contest #1

2020 What Can I Say

by Natalie Dewdney
(Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica)
Caribbean Poetry Magazine - "2020 What Can I Say" by Natalie Dewdney
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2020 What Can I Say

2020, what can i say?
All this joy and then no play.
Earthquakes, winds, winds away.
Covid pandemic, live to fight another day.
Rumours, tremors, rainy days,
Sun sometimes or dusty days.
Sandstorms, grim thorns, fires everyday,
Political or bush, it burns either way.
Help me, tell me,how can they,
Take care of us as they say?
Greater hater 'tis the story of each day.
Colour moral, foul play!
Truth rays radio - active - air ways,
Which is it, tell me?
What can I say,
Children reap, so don't play,
All this madness, how old are they?
Wickedness never less, no way!
Look up, look down,
Touch me, hear me, love says:
Too much, too little nowadays.
Sickness, shackles, lock away.
Power greed tackles,
Government debacles!
You win, you lose,
You die,
You choose.

Natalie Dewdney has been writing poetry for decades.She has a flare
for deep abstract poetry but dabbles in Jamaican Creole, "Patois", as
well as Children's Poetry and Love Poems. Her other professions
include Aviation, Business, Banking, Life Insurance & Equities. Natalie
is the Founder & CEO of PropsInt and "The Quad S Concept', a
Seamless Solution Service Station retail idea anchoring Food,
Entertainment, Technology & Automotives. She is a proud parent who
is destined to achieve unity and consciousness through her writing.
You may contact her via:
LinkedIn: Natalie T. Dewdney
Twitter: @NatalieDewdney

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