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*Poetry Contest #9 Runner Up*

Poetry by Catherine A. MacKenzie

Wash Away

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Wash Away

I scrub and scrub,
trying to erase stains gravelled upon my face.

Age has defined its mark,
solidified a presence in folds and furrows
raked over a once-smooth fabric now heralding me as old.

These seams line my skin,
somehow years claimed my youth
from time I hadn't known had passed
and disappeared too fast,
like thieves in the night
creeping without warning.

I smell that newness of breath born with babies,
Oh, how it escapes me,
leaving soiled flesh in its wake.

I'm alive,
still breathing,
but it's the sighs of old,

Vibrancy and youth permeate my spirit
until the mirror silently highlights worn flesh,
illuminating my face and
haunting me like a ghost
forever lurking around me.

When I peer closer I see more yet less of me,
fragments of remaining years shadow daylight gone,
like dirt disappearing from a child's face in the rain,
innocence turned to the sky,
tongue gathering pearls.
Age is dark. Quiet. Unobtrusive. Unwelcoming.

These common threads live to capture us all.

Catherine A. MacKenzie writes all genres but mostly dark fiction women
can relate to—stories perhaps bizarre yet ominously real. A published
author, she's also self-published several poetry and short story collections
on Amazon and Smashwords. Cathy lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and
winters in Ajijic, Mexico.  Website:

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