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*Contest runner up*

Poetry by Jovan Vuksanovich

through spaces between words

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Published October 3, 2015
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through spaces between words

winds of change blow hard at my back
holding me up
pushing me forward

despair aligned with gravity
pulls downward with merciless force

an inherited lie
free will promises more than it delivers
misleading childish naiveté

nothing is only of ‘my’ doing
unpredictability is the norm in this web of multiplicity
fluctuating causalities
chance encounters
multidimensional randomness

thundering rapids of irrationality propel me to the next and the next
otherwise alien calamity transforms unknowns into momentary familiarities
once accessible horizons vanish into oblivion

I cling to love
last refuge of disintegrating certainty
incarnate rebel warring against subliminal imperatives
collective will beyond reason
conscious control
now swimming with
now against
streaming consciousness
chaotic perplexity
unyielding complexity
baffling absurdity
long held convictions scattering helter skelter
grasping for edges that don’t exist
boundaries receding at dizzying speed

your face in the mirror of dissipating memory
heart stopping soundlessness
breathless mind
vows undying love
indestructible loyalty

sheep in the meadow
orpheus and his bride

lightning rages across rugged peaks of awakened mind
robe of the redeemer ripped from deceptive flesh
exposing the fraud of ages
swept away in a torrent of mockery
an outcast’s revenge
embarrassed disciples dispersing willy nilly
hastily taking up new vocations as servants to cynics
echo on savannas
desert vultures circle decaying dogmas
sandstorms of reprisals swallow fleeing priests
despisers of sensuality
generational haters of sexuality
suffocating these hypocritical desperadoes
abandoning ascetic carcasses to rot beneath the dirt of eternity

why is reality so dreamlike?
why are you so far away?
why does why cease to matter
lose all relevance through pain

naked from the waist up
nude from the belly down
I cling to the love I’ve found

Jovan Vuksanovich - I am a Canadian Poet, published in literary journals in
Canada, U.S.A., Europe, and India. For the past 10 years, I have been
presenting my poetry in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria, Warsaw, New
York, and Seattle. In 2008, I recorded a CD of 9 of my poems entitled
Deviant Melody. October 2009, I was invited to Warsaw, Poland as
'Feature Poet' (in English) to perform at 5 literary events over a two week

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