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Published October 31, 2015

Poetry Contest #10
Cover Art / Photo Contest
First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Poetry (Special Project)
~ Poetry by Sharon Goodier ~

Adam Never Ate the Fruit

by Sharon Goodier

At first there was no fruit

Come, she said.
Follow me and be more like God.

                                                                 Adam felt his essence settle into his loins.
                                                                             No curiosity to know good and evil.
                                                                             Instinct was enough for him.

                                                                 Why not for her
                                                                 always reaching for more.

                                                                 I’m ok
                                                                  I like who I am.
                                                                              Life’s easy
                                                                              Why throw it away on a whim.

Eve was annoyed at this man God had created
from soil and spit
who acquiesced
in life as is.

We can be free
not tied to the will of the divine.
We could be creators
like God.

                                                                 Leave things as they are.
                                                                            I’m happy.

It’s not enough
You’re boring me
I want more than this given existence
I want to be like God with a man
who is like God too

                                                                 My instincts were enough for you last night.

I want them joined to a higher purpose.
We can make the world together
or we can let the world make us

                                                                 They’d had this conversation before
                                                                             It always ended the same

One day, fruit in hand, Eve approached Adam
She took a big bite
It was like nothing she’d tasted in all the garden.

Adam watched while Eve transformed in front of him
shining with a light he’d never seen in her
eyes bright, skin glowing

I feel everything
Good         Evil
Life         Death
Pleasure        Pain
It’s beautiful
and frightening.

                                                                  Adam said he didn’t want to be frightened.
                                                                  He wanted to be himself.

He did not eat the apple
Eve ate it all
and another and another.

                                                                  God was angry
                                                                             kicked them out of the garden
                                                                             he’d created for them

                                                                  Adam sulked
                                                                             See what you’ve done
                                                                             We’ve lost everything.

With the transformation complete
Eve felt an overwhelming loneliness.

No, she insisted. We’ve gained everything.

                                                                  It was different working the land
                                                                             Knowledge of evil brought pain
                                                                             sickness and death
But Eve was resolute
This is my legacy for my children
Be like God knowing good and evil
Learn from your mistakes
Grow into humanity

Her daughters understood and some sons
like Abel who shared the first fruit of his vines
with those less fortunate who could then
plant the seeds and grow their own fruit

                                                                  Abel’s brother Cain didn’t kill him all alone.
                                                                  He and his sons cornered Abel
                                                                             against a fence on his farm
                                                                             beat him to the ground
                                                                             cut out his compassionate heart

They did not eat it
How different the world would be
if they had

They ground it underfoot
into the soil
leaving it to rot in the sun

                                                                  God was furious but there was no retribution
                                                                  Hatred and violence are sufficient

                                                                  Let them eat that
Sharon Goodier is an associate member of the League of Canadian Poets
since 1975 when she published a chapbook
Primal Elegies with Missing Link
Press. In 2014 she was long listed for the Mary K. Ballard poetry chapbook
prize from Finishing Line Press (U.S.). Three poems will appear in the May
issues of Dove Tales (U. S.). She is currently working on a chapbook
 with a mentor from the Canadian Senior Artists Network. In 2014,
she self published a chapbook of social justice poetry,
A Stone in My Shoe,
and is working on a book of poetry about the physical and emotional effects
of PTSD from various types of abuse,
Waking Up the Dragon.

*Poetry Contest #9 - Third Place*

Poetry by Sharon Goodier

Adam Never Ate the Fruit