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Poetry, visual art, photos,
fiction, and spoken word.
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***Poetry Contest #10: Tenth Place***

Poetry by Anca Mihaela Bruma

Never Left the Flowing Meanders of You
Published March 21, 2016
Wax Poetry and Art - Contests
Poetry Contest #11
Socially Engaged & Satirical Poetry Contest #1
Under 25 Poetry Contest #1
Prize-Builder Contest for Published & Unpublished Poems #1
~ Wax Poetry and Art: "Never Left the Flowing Meanders of You" by Anca Mihaela Bruma ~
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Never Left the Flowing Meanders of You

Serenade me with your Silence,
where Time becomes fluid
in the tempo of our emotions
and specters of self evolving.

Invite me inside your Story,
make my breath vibrate in colors,
as a climax of two highest notes
marked by the adagio of purple.

Place me in the space between Words,
and delicately raise my Punctuation,
where your Love collides with my stanzas
and your name sounds like my name.

Raise your curve of assonance
while my iambs are ascending,
with young couplets and haiku,
so Time will start counting my Name.

Kiss me in perfect intervals,
when Time and Space are eroticized,
with holographic sceneries in your eyes,
like a frame within my smile.

Paint my eyelids with violets
until I find our Horizon,
and turn my Soul into a metaphor
with nymphs singing in the holy fields.

Rhyme your Time on the edge of my Soul,
so I can make
Love a verb tonight,
a free verse with different seasons,
a tale of us on empty canvas.

Recite my thoughts in dazzling flavors
and empty me on various pages,
as if there is no Love to include us both
and no dew drops to mirror our World.

Sing to me in spoken echoes,
steal the night beneath my feet,
let emotions break the parenthesis;
So you know, I have never left your side!

(Poem composed on 29th June, 2014)

The author, Anca Mihaela Bruma, labels her own writings as being
"mystically sensual", a tool and path for women to claim their own inner
feminine powers. Through her writings she overpasses what seems to be
the limitations of the human but emphasizing the essence of the woman, of
the Goddess. The main theme, Love, is basically presented as a
transformative experience in life, the energising force in the universe and
empowering the creative feminine. Like an architect of a language she
builds a language within a language, a universe within another universe,
using vivid imagery, sometimes surreal, giving to her poetry a transcending
feeling. Her writings are a kind of a spiritual autobiography.
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