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Poetry, visual art, photos,
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***Poetry Contest #10: Seventh Place***

Poetry by Evelyn Deshane

No Man's Future
Published May 11, 2016
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~ Wax Poetry and Art: "No Man's Future" by Evelyn Deshane ~
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No Man's Future

The boy I liked (who didn't know it yet)
pulled tarot cards from under the bed.
"Here," he said. "I want to know if we survive."
I didn't think about death. I thought about
our names instead. I was Adam and he was Jacob,
named after his Jewish grandfather who had
survived the Holocaust with a number on his arm.
His grandfather used to keep the number hidden
under a collared shirt, away from people,
so they weren't upset. Then, he rolled up his
shirtsleeves deliberately to let people know
you can't repeat the past. It will be marked
on your skin, worst than palmistry lines
if you do not pay attention. "Pay attention,"
Jacob said. "Do you want to go first?"

So I drew. I pulled the Hang Man (XII),
The Four of Swords (reversed) and
The Ace of Cups. "Oh no," Jacob whispered,
pulling out a book with the Kabbalah tree of life etched
on the other side. "I don't know what these ones mean."
My future was blank; my name devoid of hidden message.
Jacob was silent as the seven of swords ran
across his mouth, lips too delicate to touch.
"Does this mean my future can be anything?" I asked.
"Maybe," Jacob said. "I should have gone first."
I took his hand before he could move. I said his name
how it should be pronounced:
Yacob, Yacob, Yacob. Like a fruit under my tongue.
Then his tongue next to mine. Our hands, like our fates,
intertwined & entangled. A suck-bruise on my
collarbone, and a reminder of my future
without repeating the past.

Evelyn Deshane is a Canadian speculative fiction author and sometimes
poet. Evelyn (pron. Eve-a-lyn) has appeared in
Postscript to Darkness 5,
Plenitude Magazine, Black Treacle, and is forthcoming in Tesseracts 19:
Superhero Universe
. In July 2015, The Steel Chisel released Mythology,
a chapbook collection of Evelyn's poetry focusing on speculative characters
and myth. Evelyn received an MA from Trent University and is currently
studying for a PhD at Waterloo University. To talk more about horror
movies, transgender politics, or NBC's
Hannibal, please visit:
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