Wax Poetry and Art Magazine
Flash Fiction Contest #3
Word Length: Up to 250 words
Deadline: May 18, 2014
Cost to enter: Free
Judging: Blind
Open to: Residents of Canada.
Number of Winners: 1
Prize: 1st place: $25.

Read the rules completely before making your submission. Some rules may have changed
from the previous contest.

This contest is open to residents of Canada only.

All entrants are added to the email list.

Residents of Canada are invited to submit up to three pieces of short fiction up to 250
words for consideration for publication in an upcoming issue of
Wax Poetry and Art
. Writers of all styles and levels of experience are invited to submit work to this
free contest.

The work submitted must be wholly original to the person submitting the work. The work
must not be under consideration for another contest or another publication and may not be
entered into another contest or submitted to another publication until the contest winners
are announced.

Wax Poetry and Art Magazine is intended for a general audience and is distributed in
public spaces. Please consider this when making your selections. Try to avoid explicit
language, explicit sexuality, and references to drugs in your submissions.

The work submitted must be previously unpublished in print format or in any publicly
accessible online format such as a blog or online magazine. Work viewable on private
forums (such as a private Facebook profile) is not considered as published.

Maximum length of each piece is 250 words. Up to three pieces may be submitted.

Submit titled work only.

Use only one font type in your submission.

Ensure your submission is properly edited for spelling and grammar and is free of
typographical errors. This does affect the score.

Work submitted previously to
Wax Poetry and Art Magazine cannot be re-entered into this

Include a biographical note of 100 words or fewer. If you would like a website or blog linked
from your profile on this website, please include it in the bio. If your work is selected for
publication, this biography will be published with your name on the website.

Include your complete mailing address so you can receive your prize and complimentary

Ensure your submission is complete prior to submitting. Your submission must contain:
-Flash fiction
-Biography fewer than 100 words
-Contact information (mailing address)

Please put into the subject header of the email, "Flash Fiction Contest #3".

Contest entries must be sent by email to
info@waxpoetryart.com by midnight of May 18,

Please include all information in one document, or all pasted into the body of the email.

Contest entries should be attached as a Microsoft Word, Rich Text, or Plain Text document.
You may paste the poem into the body of the email, as long as the formatting remains

All work submitted must be 100% the property of the person submitting the work. Contest
entrants assume all liability if situations arise due to any misrepresentations on the part of
the contest entrant, especially in regards to copyright violations.

Everyone who submits receives a complimentary 6 week subscription to
Weekly Poem.

1 first place prize of $25 will be awarded to 1 writer for 1 piece of work.
The winner also receive a free 1 year subscription to
Weekly Poem.

Blind Judging
Wax Poetry and Art Magazine fiction editor Alyson Fortowsky will receive the submissions
with the contact information removed.

The winner will be selected based quality of writing and effectiveness of the writing, as
determined by the editor. Previous versions of the magazine are viewable on this website.
Have a look at past winners.

By entering the contest, you agree to all terms of the contest. If selected as winner, you
Wax Poetry and Art Magazine exclusive rights to first print and online publication of
the winning piece, as well as the right to reprint the work at a later date in an anthology,
without additional compensation required.

Publication intended for September 2014. Prizes will be paid out at time of publication.

Wax Poetry and Art Magazine reserves the right to make whatever edits are deemed
necessary at any time, with utmost respect to the artists, to ensure that publication occurs.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Please email

Fiction Editor
Alyson Fortowsky
has short stories published or upcoming in several Canadian
magazines, and was previously the host of the Passion Pitch Storytellers series of fiction
reading events in Calgary, Alberta. At one time, she also taught her favourite novels to
undergrads at Calgary's Mount Royal University. Currently, she is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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