Wax Poetry and Art Magazine
Photography Contest #3
Deadline: January 26, 2014
Cost to enter: Free
Judging: Blind
Open to: Residents of Canada.
Number of Winners: 1
Prize: $50 cash prize

Read the rules completely before making your submission. Some rules may have changed
from the previous contest.

This contest is open to residents of Canada only.

All Canadian photographers are invited to submit photographs for Photography Contest #3
Wax Poetry and Art Magazine. Photographers of every interest and level of experience
are invited to participate in this free contest.

The photo(s) submitted must be wholly original to the person submitting the work. The
work must not be under consideration for another contest or another publication and may
not be entered into another contest or submitted to another publication until the
Wax Poetry
and Art Magazine
contest winners are announced in Winter 2014.

The photo(s) submitted must be previously unpublished in any print or online publication.
Work viewable on private forums (such as a private Facebook post) or displayed in the
personal or professional online galleries of the artist is not considered as published.

Other than extremely minor edits, the photo must be unedited. Photos that have significant
digital manipulation can be submitted in the visual art category.

For each image submitted, please provide the geographic location where the image was
taken, and if applicable, the title of the image.

Mention if special techniques or equipment were used to take the photograph.

*Photographers submitting images where persons are depicted must have permission of
these people for their image to be publicly displayed. Photos thought to be infringing on
copyright, even if inadvertently, cannot be considered.*

Photographers may send a maximum of 3 photos in their submission.

One image of all images submitted will be chosen as a winner. Images submitted to any
previous Wax Poetry and Art Magazine contests may not be resubmitted.

Contest entries must be sent as high quality JPEG attachments by email to
info@waxpoetryart.com by midnight of January 26, 2014. The preferred resolution is 300
dpi. Persons unsure about how to determine the resolution should submit the highest
quality version available. Files should be small enough to transmit via email. Send the files
in separate emails if necessary. Do not include a watermark on your images.

Include an artist’s statement / bio of 100 words or fewer. If you are selected as a contest
winner, this information will be published on the website.

Include your complete mailing address so you can receive your prize.

Ensure your submission is complete prior to submitting. Your submission must contain:
-Biography fewer than 100 words
-Contact information (mailing address)

Please put the name of the contest in the subject header of the email.

Contest entries must be sent by email to
info@waxpoetryart.com by midnight of January 26,

1 prize of $50 will be awarded to 1 photographer for 1 photograph.

Photos will be blind-judged based on the quality and effectiveness of the photo. Quality,
referring to the aesthetic qualities of the photo such as composition, and effectiveness,
having to do with the photo’s evocation of emotion, thought, or meaning. The winning photo
will be published in
Wax Poetry and Art Magazine, online and in print.

Blind Judging
Wax Poetry and Art Magazine photography editor Jeff Cruz will receive the images without
the contact information attached, and will base his decision purely on the merit of the
photograph, without bias to the experience level of the photographer.

By entering the contest, you agree to all terms of the contest. If selected as winner, you
Wax Poetry and Art Magazine exclusive rights to first print and online publication of
your work, as well as the right to reprint the work at a later date in an anthology, without
additional compensation required.

Publication intended for early 2014. Prizes will be paid out at time of publication.

Wax Poetry and Art Magazine reserves the right to make whatever edits are deemed
necessary at any time, with utmost respect to the artists, to ensure that publication occurs.

Contest entrant assumes all liability if situations arise due to any misrepresentations on
the part of the contest entrant, especially in regards to copyright violations.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Please contact

Photography Editor
Jeff Cruz
is an award winning commercial and fine art photographer based in Calgary,
Alberta. His love for cinema as well as paintings from the Surrealism Movement inspire
him to create dreamlike images that break conventional rules. Read his photography blog,
The Round Pixel Report, and view  and purchase limited edition prints at
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