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Wax Poetry and Art presents
Socially Engaged Poetry Contest #2

Deadline to enter: Friday, March 31, 2017.
Number of poems: Up to 3.
Number of lines: No limit.
Cost to enter: 1 poem, free. 2 poems, $3 CAD. 3 poems, $5 CAD.
Open to: Everyone.
Number of Winning Poems: 3.
Prizes: 1st place, $70 CAD. 2nd place, $20 CAD. 3rd place, $10 CAD.
Intended Publication date: Summer 2017.
Simultaneous submissions: Not allowed.

Poetry has a role to play in shaping the discourses around the most
pressing issues of our time.

Wax Poetry and Art invites all poets to participate in Socially Engaged
Poetry Contest #2.

For the purpose of this contest, we shall consider the widest possible
definition of "socially engaged". (Read the
About page at Eleventh
Transmission for some of the topics.)

Please read the guidelines carefully before making your submission.

The work submitted must be wholly original to the person submitting
the work.

Simultaneous submissions are
not allowed for this contest. Do not submit
the same poems anywhere else until the contest results are announced. At
that time, participants who did not win the contest may submit the work

The poem(s) submitted must be previously unpublished in print format or in
any publicly accessible online format such as an online magazine, personal
website, or blog. Work viewable on private forums, such as a private
Facebook post, is not considered as published.

Up to 3 poems may be submitted. Poets can win all 3 prizes with 3 poems.

1 poem may be submitted for free. 2 poems may be submitted for a
payment of $3 CAD. 3 poems may be submitted for a payment of $3 CAD.
Payment can be made via PayPal, using the buttons shown below, or by

There is no restriction on the number of lines.

Include a biographical note of 100 words or fewer. Including your website
and social media contact information you wish to share, if applicable.

Ensure your submission is complete prior to submitting. Your submission
must contain:
-Payment (if submitting more than 1 poem)
-Biography (100 words, or fewer).
-Mailing address.

Entries must be received by midnight of Friday, March 31, 2017.

Please remember that simultaneous submissions are not allowed for this

Copy and paste your entire submission, including poetry, biography, and
mailing address, to the body of a single email. Do not attach your

Submissions must be sent by email to info@waxpoetryart.com. Use
the subject header, "Socially Engaged Poetry Contest".

All participants will be added to the email list.
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Submission Fees

1 Poem: Free

2 Poems: $3 CAD.

3 Poems: $5 CAD.

Cheques in Canadian funds must be payable to "Kirk Ramdath", and can be
sent to:

Wax Poetry and Art
Socially Engaged Poetry Contest
512, 919 Centre Street NW
Calgary, AB T2E 2P6

Please ensure that cheques are in Canadian funds and are posted in well in
advance of the contest deadline. If paying by cheque, please indicate this
when you email your submission.
Publication Terms
Copyright remains with the original artist at all times.

Wax Poetry and Art obtains the right to the first publication of the work,
as well as the right to republish the work on our website and also on our
accounts on third party platforms such as email, Facebook, and other
social media, specifically for the purpose of promoting the work and the
artist to more people, and considering the continuously evolving nature of the
Internet. We also obtain the right to republish the work in our own
anthologies, either online or in print, without additional compensation

Although we strive to apply a light hand when it comes to editing,
Poetry and Art
reserves the right to make whatever edits are deemed
necessary at any time, with utmost respect to the artists, to ensure that
publication occurs.

The Winners
First Place:$70 CAD
Second Place: $20 CAD
Third Place: $10 CAD

Payment will be sent within two weeks following publication, via PayPal
(preferred), or cheque sent via regular post. Payment is made in Canadian

All three winning poems will be published individually and featured on the
main page of
Wax Poetry and Art, with publication intended for Summer

The winning poem only will be published in print format, in letters sent to
subscribers of
Wax Poetry and Art Socially Engaged Poetry Contest.

The winning poem only will be entered into the
Wax Poetry and Art Poem of
the Year 2017 Contest. The award is an additional cash prize and
republication as the Poem of the Year. This award will be given to the poem
selected as the best of all contest winning poems published in 2017, as
determined by publisher and editor, Kirk Ramdath.

We will notify all participants of the results prior to publication and within two
months following the close of the contest.

Judging will be based on two criteria: Quality of writing and effectiveness
of the poem, as determined by the editor. Please edit carefully.

Writers submitting work to
Wax Poetry and Art assume all liability
if situations arise due to any misrepresentations on the part of the writer,
especially in regards to copyright violations.

Questions or comments? Please email

About the Editor
Kirk Ramdath
is the publisher of Wax Poetry and Art, Weekly Poem, Axil
Poetry and Art, Phoenix Photo&Fiction, Eleventh Transmission, Wax
Poetry & Art International, and other projects. Kirk has created space
for hundreds of poets, writers, visual artists, musicians, and photographers
in print, online, and on stage. As the organizer of Passion Pitch Poetry, he
organized over sixty events in Calgary. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English,
with Distinction, from the University of Calgary. Kirk is the author of
Love in
a Handful of Dust
. He has received three writing grants from Canada Council
for the Arts, and is working on a new manuscript.
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