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Spring 2020

It's twenty twenty, and the streets are empty
But the hospital wards are full with plenty
When this is over, there will be spaces at the table
From the elders, the ailing and the not so able

Meanwhile the sun rises in the east and sets in the west
The tide still rolls in and out, Mother Earth knows best
The lambs are being born and seeds still sprout
Despite this, we, man, woman and child, can't go out!

The plants and flowers continue to bloom
Even with the warnings, of doom and gloom
The air in the cities is getting cleaner by the day
Is the hole in the ozone layer going away?

Mankind has came through this in times of the past
We will come through this, but some things won't last
Air travel, foreign holidays, may become a distant memory
Something that we did, when we were free

We must always live with faith and hope
And keep washing our hands for twenty seconds with soap
Take care of yourself, your spirit, body and mind
And in the midst of it all, remember to be kind.

Eileen Kane is based in Glasgow, Scotland. Eileen is a small
business owner and a yoga teacher, and is also interested in
chihuahuas, cooking, and creativity.

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Previously published in
Edinburgh Poetry Magazine:
Poetry by Alun Robert.

Published May 25, 2020

Poets of Scotland Contest #1 - First Place

Spring 2020

by Eileen Kane
(Glasgow, Scotland)
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Edinburgh Poetry Magazine - "Spring 2020" by Eileen Kane
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