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Published August 10, 2020

21st Century Girl

by Sofia Thuru
(Edinburgh, Scotland)
Edinburgh Poetry Magazine - "21st Century Girl" by Sofia Thuru
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21st Century Girl

Autocorrect won’t you spell
my next mistake
go viral with affection
9 more photos to
verify my humanity
& Jeff you can take my data
as your next pay check.

They call us:
generation outrage
3 degrees, 2 to 1s
I sober up to my delusions
the 28th of the month.
Perhaps we'll go to Mars
to bury the Earth
depressed is the star
the sea in the jar.

21st Century non specified
gender wars
Twitter bot poetry
once again I sought

to bottle out the sun
but rather than sink
I found myself
talking to myself
in the elliptical crypt
of self reflection.

Sofia Thuru: I am a visual artist and poet based in Edinburgh,
originally from Norwich/Milan. I moved to Scotland in 2017 when I
came to study Digital Society at Edinburgh University. Prior to that I
studied Arabic and Politics. All my artwork and poems seamlessly
originate from the same themes of existential & political unease,
generational disconnect, digital connectivity, and over consumption
of digital media. I follow the human trail in the digital rabbit hole and
reference all that is virally shaping the human experience through my
own autobiographical sentiments. As such, I see myself as a Twitter
poet bot of sorts. Feeling is just as important as language and content,
however. In fact, feeling comes first in all of my creative mediums.

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