"Not All of Them Survived" and Other Poems by Don Hamaliuk
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Published November 4, 2017

"Not All of Them Survived" and Other Poems by Don Hamaliuk
(St. Albert, Alberta, Canada)

Not All of Them Survived
Unfold Your Humour
Be a Willing Volunteer

Not All of Them Survived

by Don Hamaliuk

They fought for us so fiercely; not all of them survived
In the trenches of a far off land, longingly deprived
Intentions were so noble, to fight for a good cause
Not thinking of a selfish thought, or anyone’s applause

I am thankful for their efforts, although I’m not so sure
How someone fighting someone else, is any kind of cure
It seems so very simple, that we should all just get along
And when will we finally realize, that fighting is so wrong

This thought is not so different, it’s all been thought before
By those that were left behind and those that went to war
I feel for all the families, of loved ones that were lost
The price they paid for freedom, was such a heavy cost

I am so very hopeful, but I can’t help feeling sad
I want the wars to end and it makes me feel so mad
But today I am so grateful, for sacrifices that were made
And thankful I can live my life, without being too afraid

Unfold Your Humour

by Don Hamaliuk

Do you have a sense of humor and is it ready to unfold
It may not come that easy and needs imagination, so I’m told
You need to take some interest, in topics of the day
Then search for the humor, in what they do or say

Get your mind in to a book that will take you to the moon
And listen to some music with some weird and wacky tune
Go do something crazy, that you’ve never done before
To a place you’ve only dreamed of, not intending to explore

Then practice in your mind, through all those sleepless nights
All that you can say, without offending someone’s rights
Your sense of humor will then be ready, to go out and have some fun
And if you’re worried about embarrassment, you’re not the only one

Life is way too short, to keep playing that safety card
At times you need to stretch it and play it good and hard
If you keep thinking of the humor, in our lives today
You’ll find it so much easier, to go out and find your way

Willing Volunteer

by Don Hamaliuk

Do you ever wonder, why giving feels so fine
You open your heart and lose all track of time
It’s like another world, so peaceful and serene
Escaping all your troubles, like having a good dream

Everyone’s so happy, to give and to receive
The energy expended, like no one can believe
It makes us feel so grateful, in our happy place
A simple act of kindness, will put a smile on your face

So inject some positive influence, in our world today
The dividends are many and could dissolve your ills away
If you need uplifting, from the life that you now lead
Go be a willing volunteer and plant your kindness seed

Don Hamaliuk, a retired Property Manager/Electrician and a Phoenix
snowbird, who lives in St. Albert with his wife Joan. He has always
included a poem for other’s birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, but he
started writing regularly just after retirement in February 2016. His
imagination soars when it comes to daily thoughts and activities, so that is
what he writes most about.
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