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Poetry by Joseph Anthony

Here's To You
Love is Not Oil
Fight For You
Magic Pill
We Were Born
Published January 7, 2017
Eleventh Transmission.
Eleventh Transmission: Poetry by Joseph Anthony
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here’s to you

shout out to the ones that i’ve dated
the girls and the boys, both alike…
the gays, and the faggots, the bitches…
the blonde haired cheerleaders and the dykes…

the jocks locked up tight in their closets…
the flames that burn bright through the night…
the love that we had ‘fore we lost it…
the happy times and the frights.

you’ve been great, you’re the best, thanks for coming
and cumming and running away,
the romantics, the players, the drifters…
the emotional and the cliché…

cheers to the firsts bits of everything
the kisses, the sex, and the love…
the heartache that i wasn’t expecting…
and the feelings i’ll never be rid of.

to the i love yous  unspoken and spoken…
to the lies and the promises, too…
to the vows that were made and then broken…
here’s to you, here’s to you, here’s to you.

love is not oil

love is not oil
love is the sun
and the moon at night.
it is the grass stains on the knees
of children,
a bird’s song in the morning
while you drift in and out
of sleep.

love is blueberries
wild yet reachable,
the candy you ate from your grandmother’s bushes
when you knew she wasn’t looking.
it is the deep breaths you take
after running,
a puppy’s face and a
fireman’s arms.

love is sand and wind,
leaves, both alive and dead.
it mixes with water
and is the cool lemonade made from sour lemons,
a blanket that you can go swimming in.

love is the smell of a dryer sheet,
the embers at the end of every fire.
it is a five minute coffee break
stretched six,
eight minutes,
the hand of a friend on your shoulder,
and most importantly

fight for you

i admired you for your bravery.
for having the guts to be yourself
when it wasn’t easy.

for taking everyone’s shit when you shouldn’t have had to
and for not letting them take away that part of you that smiled
and danced.

you didn’t know about me.
or maybe you did and chose not to say anything.
for that, i admire you, too.

i remember the first time i saw you
get pushed down by some jerks in the hallway.
they were getting on you for the way you talked
and the way you carried your books.

and when you got back up and went back at them
it took my breath away.
i was seeing for the first time ever, that
even though you may be afraid to stand up for yourself,
there are others in this world who will fight for you.

you may have felt alone, but i was
always with you. rooting for you.
your pain was my pain
your victories, i shared them.

we were part of many moments, you and i.
you, the outspoken warrior, and i
your silent cheerleader.

magic pill

would you take that magic pill if you could?

if it were offered to you by some genius scientist
who had figured it all out

right away you might say.
at some point, when we were
little, i am willing to bet
we all wished for some

a remedy that would fix us. back
when we believed we were broken.

we would be silly not to
hope for something.

the well of strength.

would losing it leave us weak?
rob us of our compassion,
our ability to understand
why it is important to be

it is an honest question:
would you take that pill if you could?


to all the russian boys,
ghettoed like the jewish under hitler,
keep stealing those kisses.

hold onto one another.
outlaws, wait out the law.
someday, it will all be

we were born

we were born /
on those hot / rainy
days / when the water would
dry as soon as it hit the sidewalk /

when the sun would wink /
half out / half hidden
behind a cloud / and
rainbows ruled the sky.

Joseph Anthony attended Rutgers University. His first book, An Uneaten
Breakfast: Collected Stories and Poems
, was published by Diamond Mill
Press in January of 2012. His first novel,
The Alphabet of Dating was
published in August, 2015. Anthony is currently working on a gay-themed
poetry collection, forthcoming in the spring of 2016. He lives in New Jersey
where he works with first and second grade autistic students. You can
reach out to Joseph Anthony via email at
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