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“Do you remember--?”

And then we waited in
the streets for better news
that these are false memories fever dreams.
There’s got to be better news.
But there’s no news.
So candles melt down
and 11 are still gone
so we go to the Cheesecake Factory
and stared blankly at dishes
and drink no wine
and answer:

I was there yesterday & could pretend
today never happened a year ago.

“Every time I go through
the intersection where we had
the vigil ...”

I’ve never heard a siren the same.

365 to be back on a couch in Pittsburgh,
at a lack for words & tears,
my chest tight like a wrung-out towel.

365 but hardly a moment gone
for families & boroughs & synagogues.

The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting occurred October 27, 2018.

Jessi Quinn Alperin (they/them) is a recent graduate of the University
of Pittsburgh. They served as an editor there for
Forbes & Fifth for two
years. Their poetry has been published by
70 Faces and Haunted Zine
and they have also published articles in Twentyhood Magazine and
Environmental Health News. Jessi previously self-published a
collection of poetry they had written between 2013-2017. Jessi is
currently an ad-hoc writer for
Twentyhood Magazine and “Write or Die
” blog, and a Springboard Fellow for Oberlin College’s Hillel.

@jessi_quinn / Instagram: @jessi_quinn

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Previously published in Eleventh Transmission:
"War Game" by Mantz Yorke.

Published December 22, 2019

Special Project: 45 Poems of Protest


by Jessi Quinn Alperin
(Oberlin, Ohio, USA)
Eleventh Transmission: "365" by Jessi Quinn Alperin
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“Yeah I remember
the ambulances”
(& the crying)
(& the fear)

“No, I wasn’t there/
Yes I’m fine/
No no one I know was hurt

Yeah, me too.”