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fake stucco mixed use, e. cesar chavez

bones whitened, time--
cracking pressure above

Unburied shoveled up
ground into New Building

“authentic east first street”
gut wall-to-wall, midrise

siren on melted asphalt
keep some from others

and we walked there so long!
las cazuelas tacos sign bright

and we walked on cesar chavez!
not east first amnesia:

bones whiten with time
lit by street-sweeping neon

but the street is cesar chavez
shout power! sanctify!
with your feet

Henry Brown is a student and activist with the Democratic Socialists of
America at Carleton College, where he is a junior-year Religion/Spanish
minor interested in Christian liberation theology. He is from Austin,
Texas, where he is interning for Texas Impact, a progressive interfaith
nonprofit. He has published poetry in
Eleventh Transmission and
Isacoustic, and his poetry will be featured in upcoming issues of Bitchin'
, Amethyst Review, and After the Pause. His photography has
been featured on social media by Texas Monthly magazine and a
number of small zines.

Contact/social media:
Twitter: @freddy_engels

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Previously published in Eleventh Transmission:
"May Day in Munich" by James Hannon.

Published December 22, 2019

Special Project: 45 Poems of Protest

fake stucco mixed use, e. cesar chavez

by Henry Brown
(Northfield, Minnesota, USA)
"fake stucco mixed use, e. cesar chavez" by Henry Brown
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