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North-West Pakistan

Big white smiles
Marching by
There go our boys
Away they fly
Off to defend our
American pie.

One of them looks me
In the eye.

We must smile bravely,
You and I,
When we kiss our boys
Waving, cheering
Later we cry
There go our boys
Away they fly.

Rebecca Dettman was born in Adelaide, South Australia and attained
degrees in both Professional Writing and History. She is the recipient
of Adelaide University's Natalia Davis Prize and her national 'Soul
Sistas' radio show was nominated for an ACRA award. As a journalist,
Rebecca has worked for many of the world's largest media companies,
including Time Inc, Fairfax, and NewsCorp. Rebecca lives in the Adelaide
Hills with her soul mate and two children where she writes, dreams and
facilitates youth work within her community. Visit

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Previously published in Eleventh Transmission:
"Grandma's Wars" by Avra Margariti.

Published December 22, 2019

Special Project: 45 Poems of Protest

North-West Pakistan

by Rebecca Dettman
(Stirling, South Australia, Australia)
Eleventh Transmission: "North-West Pakistan" by Rebecca Dettman
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