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Special Project: 45 Poems

Poetry by Bruce Louis Dodson
(Borlänge, Dalarna County, Sweden)

Published April 20, 2019
"Swamped" by Bruce Louis Dodson - 45 Poems - Eleventh Transmission
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The swamp is drained
results not what we had expected
from murky waters of post truth illusion
entities effuse from muck and sludge
with veils removed.

It doesn’t matter if we know their faces
grotesque images of failed democracy
emerging fearless, brazen, unashamed . . .  admired by followers
who hope to share the loot.
They cover everything they touch with slime
the degradation of ideals….

Their glaring presence hard to look at
those who hate us for our freedoms.
These are not the enemy they have created by their war machine
they are the financiers, and bankers, politicians cultivated inside
elite universities forever unaffordable to a huge working class
awaking with anger from utopian dreams.
We watch the sociopath elites invade without a moral compass.
Nothing we can do but vote upon what seem to be
the lesser of assorted evils.

We observe their Dance Macabre
undulating in the winds of climate change
destruction, homeless immigrants, starvation shown on TV news
first one lie, then another
after while it doesn’t matter, it becomes routine
more interesting than fiction—real
and unreal, all at once.
A scary movie we watch every day.

No hope for mercy from the oligarchs and friends
grown rich from squandering the working class
in sweat shops labor—wars that can’t be won.
They are among us always—always
never more apparent than today.

Some choose to board a life raft emotional escape
merge into Disneyland of happy thoughts and hope
Blind faith
“God has a plan to save us.”
What is left, but hope and prayer?
There is enough to think about
And not much time to think.
Seems like we must do something.


Bruce Louis Dodson is an expat living in Borlänge, Sweden, where he writes
fiction and poetry. His most recent work has appeared in:
Foreign & Far Away –
Writers Abroad Anthology
,  Sleeping Cat Books – Trip of a Lifetime Anthology,
Northern Liberties Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Tic Toc, and Storm Cycle
- Kind of a Hurricane Press, Vine Leaves, Cordite Poetry Review,
Buffalo Almanac, mgversion2>datura, Maintenant 11, Glassworks, Door Is A
, Popshot, Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology, So It Goes, Blood and Bourbon,
Ancient Paths, and Without Words Anthology.
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