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Special Project: 45 Poems: Reflection & Response

Poetry by Honey Novick
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Deep Danger Ahead
Published January 14, 2019
Poetry by Honey Novick - 45 Poems - Eleventh Transmission
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Deep Danger Ahead

by Honey Novick

Title taken from a speech made in 1911 by G. Foster then Canadian
Conservative Party critic to then Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier.

There lives an evil spirit
we can’t see it, we can’t hear it
it lives for sure in the “come hither” crooked finger of illusion.

There’s a danger, deep down danger
in the rainbow’s pot of gold
camouflaged in beauty
hidden by its glow.

It touches the lives of farmers, of mothers and of seers,
it touches the lives of dreamers
and the purses of us all.

There’s a danger, deep down danger looming up ahead
feeding upon our wishes,
sucking up life’s ambitions.
Where greed knows no bounds,
integrity won’t be found.

There lives an evil spirit
we can’t see it , we can’t hear it
yet it lives in the beguiling, beckoning flip of a hip

Trusting in the power, be it goodness or be it evil,
praying “don’t betray me”
“Could I trust you if I must?”

There’s a danger, deep down danger
in the rainbow’s pot of gold
hidden behind a masked face

A cloak of paranoia delivers an excuse
using the spirit of History
to ignite the Fire’s fuse.

There lives an evil spirit,
we can’t see it, we can’t hear it
but it lives for sure
with the grace of our permission.

Honey Novick is a singer/songwriter/voice teacher/poet.  A full member of
the League of Canadian Poets and 2015 member of the Year of the
Ontario Poetry Society.  She teaches Voice Yoga and creative writing as
well as being an arts resource for the Friendly Spike Theatre Band.  She is
currently working on 1)  liter=ally presentation for "Nuit Rouge as part of
Alt vs Art Sept 30, 2017 : 2) "A Love Letter to Lenny, Madly I'm Your Fan"
a tribute to Leonard Cohen which will be held at the Toronto Public Library
Reference Library November 9, 2017 and include Canada's Poet Laureate
George Elliott Clarke, John B. Lee, Denise Donlon and Max Layton.  She
will also be featured reader and performer at bill bissett's Secret
Handshake Gallery October 30, 2017.  She believes (to cite Shree
Paradkar) that in a world where kindness is considered political
correctness and cruelty can be excused as freedom, it is the poet, the
singer, the artist that is the leading visionary for hope and friendship.
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