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Special Project: 45 Poems

Poetry by Areej Tahir
(Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan)

Yearning for Change
Published April 20, 2019
"Yearning for Change" by Areej Tahir - 45 Poems - Eleventh Transmission
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Yearning for Change

As juvenile hearts are murdered in cold blood,
As massacred innocence covers every inch of the underlying mud,
As the preachers of brutality plucked all the precious floral buds,
My heart yearns for change,

As chaste, naïve adolescents are tainted,
As their fragile bodies are bought and rated,
As their soul are manipulated, contaminated, intoxicated,
My heart yearns for change,

As people are kept illiterate in order to preserve their ignorance,
As awareness and wakefulness can cause major hindrance,
Because corruption is the only product at their end of deliverance,
My heart yearns for change,

As in every inch of the street, a different sect resides,
As the conflicting opinions of the ministers of the same religion divides,
As during the month of
Muharram, it’s not safe to go outside,
My heart yearns for change,

As families leave for a few minutes, for merely a stroll,
But return in shreds, devoid of souls,
As in a split second green lands turn into dust bowls,
My heart yearns for change,

As for the sins of men, sacrificed are the little girls and their big futures,
Because in the form of landlords and judges exist disguised vultures,
And this crime conveys the true essence of the chaotic culture,
My heart yearns for change,

As people die of starvations, new roads are being paved,
As people expire due to filthy water, new train stations are being made,
As help is commercialized, but nobody actually comes to aid,
My heart years for change,

As our fellowmen are begging for support and refuge,
As they drown in the metallic deluge,
We stay silent to all the crimes because our debts to their enemies are huge,
My heart yearns for change,

As the rich crimes are abated by distractions and silently buried,
As children die because they were too many and malnourished,
As the flame of the flickering candle is diminished,
My heart yearns for change.

Areej Tahir is an 18 year old Pakistani girl, currently a pre-medical student
who started writing short stories as a part of her curriculum during her
IGCSE’s. As the interest grew, she started writing them as a hobby
and later, one thing led to another resulting in a couple of poems along
with a few short stories. With the passage of her time, she realized her
stronger pursuit is poetry. One of her other passions is debates or any
thought provoking public speaking events. Her favorite author is Sidney
Sheldon and her favorite genre is fiction or mythology. Her aim is to make
her listeners or readers contemplate life, discover a new perspective and
take notice of thing that go otherwise unobserved.
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