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When I Unfurl Like a Fist Unfurls

may I let go of preconceptions
and feel myself unclasp one finger
then the next—the world releases
an exhale after a night of fear—
the grip of contagion—my hair
swirling around me in the soft
breath of spring.

And what are we if not stardust
one vast breath—exhaled
after the first inhale?

My gaze extends to the horizon
to rest on a field of spring grass
a bed of daffodils drifting alongside
in coppers and yellows—Tuscan gold,
flax and pineapple, bumblebee,
honey, marigold and school bus—

golden notes bright as warblers,
kinglets and goldfinches

and I lean eastward cleared

from morning mist into a vision
filled with pomp and ceremony—
the rising sun.

Oregon poet Dale Champlin is the editor the Verseweavers poetry
collections, and director of Conversations With Writers, a monthly
presentation by accomplished writers leading spirited discussions
about the craft of writing. Dale has published in VoiceCatcher, North
Coast Squid, Willawaw Journal, Mojave River Press, The Voices
Project and other publications. Her first collection of poetry, “The
Barbie Diaries,” was published in 2019 by Just a Lark Books.

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"Possibilities" by Brian Rihlmann.

Published June 29, 2020

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic

When I Unfurl Like a Fist Unfurls

by Dale Champlin
(Hilsboro, Oregon, USA)
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Eleventh Transmission - "When I Unfurl Like a Fist Unfurls" by Dale Champlin
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