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Silence has become the new normal
It’s a silence that breaks the isolation
You no longer derive meaning from the frenetic energy of society
You have found a particular solace of the soul

The hawthorn tree is your muse, sturdy and resolute
A bird takes flight, shimmering in the rising sun
A robin, red breasted and plump
Mirrors your journey, its sonorous cry lifting through the whimsical breeze

Nature comes alive in the silence of the world
The trill of a bird replaces the drone of the machine
Leaves tumble and fall as a new season emerges
It grows amid the silence of isolation

It’s a silence that brings harmony
Mellifluous sounds from the darkest places
Sends light as the wind bends and carves life into the branches
Of the tree that stands proud and accomplished

Once more, the silence punctuates the memories in your mind
Memories of gatherings and friends, longing for the day of plenty
In isolation, there is plenty of silence
That silence is where you find your soul

Nadine Dunseith is a teacher, writer, and lover of Shakespeare. She
currently teaches English to high school students and enjoys sharing
stories of her life experiences. She has also published four books of
poetry: Roses Are Forever, Childhood Is Forever, Strength Is Forever
and Ever Evolving, all available on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books.

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"When I Unfurl Like a Fist Unfurls" by Dale Champlin.

Published June 29, 2020

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic


by Nadine Dunseith
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
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